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Promise Christian Academy Pre-School 
Promise Christian Preschool is an exciting place to be! We use monthly themes to help the children identify the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes throughout the year. Hands-on activities are a big part of our curriculum and we love to experience and explore the amazing world God has created.

We also learn about becoming more independent and how to do things for ourselves, such as putting on our own jackets, or writing our own names. We learn how to get along with others, how to share, and how to show God’s love to each other. Learning all about God and His great love is a very important part of our time at school. We incorporate God’s Word into all that we do in our classroom.
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Welcome to School, Apple Activities, All about Me Unit
Fall Changes, Exploring Pumpkins & Leaves, Fire Safety, Community  Helpers
Thanksgiving, Native Americans & Pilgrims, Thankfulness, Voting
Christmas, Snowflakes, Animal Migration, Sharing
Winter Changes, Snow, Animal Hibernation, Friendship & Harmony
Love, Five Senses Unit, The Presidents, Honesty
Weather Unit, Spring Changes, Four Seasons
Plants & Flowers Unit, Insects Unit, Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Ocean Unit, My Family, Patterns
Dinosaur Unit, Summer Changes
Phonics: Letters: L, O, G/Sound of, words that begin with/Handwriting practice-capital and lower case
Math: Counting, Sorting and Classifying, Geometry-Shapes (2, 3-dimensional), Calendar
English: Left to Right, Nonverbal Cues, Phonological Awareness, Using Illustrations
Social Studies: Meeting our School, Who am I- Learning about self and environment
Bible: God made my world, Adam and Eve
Phonics: H, T, P/ Blending and forming short words/Words that have sound in the beginning and end of/Spelling Tests
Math: Number Readiness #1-5, More than, Less than, Graphing
English: High-Frequency Words: the, a, Cause and Effect, Sequence of Events
Social Studies: Christopher Columbus, Maps
Science: Dinosaurs, A Home Called Earth, Animal and Habitat
Bible: Baby Samuel, Baby Isaac, Baby John the Baptist, Mephibosheth

Phonics: A, N, M/Creating sentences for words to help define them/Words that have sound in the beginning, middle, and end of/Mini Readers- 3-4 sentences
Math: Patterns (shapes, numbers, rhythm)/Making predictions within patterns/Numbers #6-10
English: Colors, Sequence of Events, High-Frequency Words: a, the, my
Social Studies: Thanksgiving Day, Pilgrims, Wampanoag Feast, Voting
Science: Five Senses, Weather and Seasons, Ladybug Journal
Bible: Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus is the Good Shepherd, Daniel, The Fiery Furnace

Phonics: I, S, F/Coding short vowels with breve/Weekly Spelling Bees/Mini Readers: 3-6 sentences
Math: Spatial relationships and Position-inside, outside, top, middle, bottom, before, after, between, left and right
English: High-Frequency Words: a, the, my, that, Blending with short a
Science: Magnet Experimenting, Field Trip-Leaves, Nuts, Parts of an Apple
Bible: David, The Angels, The Shepherds, Simeon and Anna, Birth of Jesus Christ

Phonics: R, K, B/Coding short vowels with breve/Writing Sentences
Math: Ordinal Numbers, Numbers- 0-12
English: Classify and Categorize, High-Frequency Words: I, and, my
Social Studies: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Meeting Families- Making our Family Quilt
Bible: Jesus and the Children, Parable of the Lost Sheep, Zacchaeus meets Jesus, The Sower

Phonics: U, Z, C/Coding long vowels and macron/Alphabetical order/Higher concentration on proper handwriting (specific tests)
Math: Money and Time/Coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarter and reading the clock- 30: half hour to and after, 15 and 45: quarter to and after
English: Story Details, High-Frequency Words: is, I, and, that, said/Story telling
Social Studies/Science: President- George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Oceans, Ponds,rivers and lakes.
Bible: Peter's Rescue, David's Praise, Jonah, The Good Samaritan

Phonics: E, Y, D/Sentence writing
Math: Comparing and Measuring/size, length, measuring length, weight, capacity, temperature, fair shares, halves
English: Opposites, Making Predictions, Sentence matching to illustration, High-Frequency Words: we, said, the, are, is, that, my/Short Story Books (McGraw Hill)- partner and individual reading
Social Studies/Science: Different Occupations, Animals and the Jungle, Volcano demonstration
Bible: The Ten Lepers, David and Jonathan, Jesus and the Disciples, Jesus and His Friends

Phonics: V, J, X/Read-a-louds
Math: Parts and Totals-equals, halves, thirds and fourths
English: Rhyme, Making Inferences, High-Frequency Words: you, are, that, my, have, we
Social Studies/Science: Easter, Spring, Different types of and parts of a plant/flowers.
Bible: The Last Week, Death, Burial and Resurrection, Samson, David and Goliath

Phonics: W, Q, -ck/digraphs
Math: Adding and Subtracting, Word Problems
English: Main Idea, Making Inferences and Predictions, Poems, High-Frequency Words: to, the,that, me, you
Science/Social Studies: Parts of the Body, Mother's Day
Bible: Paul and Silas, Paul and the Shipwreck, Joseph, Esther  

Phonics: -sh, -th, -oo
Math: Exploring Greater Numbers, Addition and Subtraction
English: Compare and Contrast, High-Frequency Words: do, go, I, and, me,Summarizing
Social Studies: Father's Day, Summer
Bible:  Moses